Citra "Core"
Terre Di Chieti Chardonnay IGT

These family owned properties, some with only 1 hectare, create a mosaic of small vineyards stretching north to south along the Adriatic coast and east to west from the sea to Majella Mountain. The range of climate and topography offers unparalleled quality and variety. Winemaking process from vineyard to bottle led by world-renowned enologist Riccardo Cotarella.

Wine Production

After the hand-harvested grapes are lightly crushed, the must is moved to stainless steel tanks and then fermented at a controlled temperature.

Tasting Notes

The natural corpulence of  Chardonnay adds substance to the mid-palate while the overall profile of the wine remains cheerful and refreshing with clean aromas of green apple and citrus blossom.

Food Pairing

Fresh with well-balanced acidity, this wine pairs best with shellfish, salads, grilled vegetables, and fresh cheeses.


Varietal composition: 100% Chardonnay

Length of alcoholic fermentation: 10-12 days

Fermentation temperature: 57-64 °F

Malolactic fermentation: Full

Type of aging container: Stainless steel tanks

Length of aging before bottling: 2 MONTHS

Length of bottle aging: 1 MONTHS


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