Caroso, name to both the wine and the hills where the grapes are grown – Contrada Caroso, is derived from “Caro,” Italian for elegant, rich and valued. It is a tiny vineyard in the Southern part of Abruzzo with the perfect altitude and exposure for a powerful and important Montepulciano Riserva.

The picked grapes are traditionally vinified by a long maceration of the skins at a controlled temperature. Wine id racked off, pumped over and decanted into stainless steel tanks at the end of the malolactic process. Aged for six months in oak barrels followed by 18 months in barrique and another eight months in bottle before release.

Wine Production

During the fermentation, the must is racked off and pumped over on the marc hat. The wine decants into stainless steel tanks completing the malolactic process. Finally it ages in wood barrels to enhance its organoleptic characteristics.

Tasting Notes

Intense with mulberry and sour cherry hints. It offers remarkably complex scents, with balsamic and fruity aromas combined with spicy notes. Elegant with a rich tannic texture.

Food Pairing

Caroso Montepulciano d’Abruzzo stands up to the most regal of dishes, although it works equally well on its own as a Vino da Meditazione. A classic pairing is seared chateaubriand.


Varietal composition: 100% Montepulciano

Fermentation container: Steel Tanks and Wooden Barrels

Length of alcoholic fermentation: 18-22 days

Fermentation temperature: 71-77 °F

Maceration technique: Pumpovers and Aeration

Type of aging container: Barriques and Barrels

Size of aging container: 225 L / 25 HL

Length of aging before bottling: 24 MONTHS

Length of bottle aging: 12 MONTHS