Wild heart of Italy

Home to the lush hills of our vineyards, the Abruzzo region is a pearl of Italian wildlife, a treasure trove of ancient culture, and a wonder of winemaking. From the rugged mountains to the shimmering sea, the greenest region in Italy is as famous for its rich comfort cuisine as its delicious wines. An elevated home for an elevated wine.

Our home

The Abruzzo region in central Italy stretches from the heart of the misty Apennine mountains in the west to the clear blue Adriatic Sea in the east. A wild and rocky terrain where untouched peaks and steep stone walls rise among the sprawling forests. Sloping off the mountains are rolling hills of lush vegetation that continue all the way to the pebbly shore. Rich in history and culture, the narrow valleys of Abruzzo are dotted with ancient villages, monasteries and castles.

Amongst this abundance, you’ll find the flourishing Citra vineyards. Far above the sea, cool winds, beaming sun and generous rainfall let vines grow and grapes ripen at an ideal pace for winemaking. The result is a wealth of flavorful yet versatile wines that amplify any meal.

Montepulciano and Trebbiano are the most renowned grapes of our vibrant region. These varieties are often grown using the high rising and highly efficient “tendone” method native to Abruzzo where vines grow on wooden grids overhead. Cerasuolo is a prolific Rosé that, when chilled, will add a pleasing crispness to any hot summer’s day or fresh seafood dish – something else Abruzzo is famous for.

Winemaking traditions in Abruzzo date back to the Classical Age of the 600s B.C. when the Etruscans brought the art of viniculture with them from Tuscany. Among other things, they introduced the technique of training the vines to grow on elm trees to maximize yield. This later led to the development of the “tendone” method. By the 300s BC, the ancient signature grape of Abruzzo, Apianae, had been cultivated to develop a uniquely sweet wine reminiscent of Moscato. It is even believed to have been served to Hannibal of Carthage and his soldiers when they passed through Italy on his epic conquest across the Alps.

The grape vine has been greatly respected in Abruzzo since this early age, and it continues to play a central part in the culture and economy of our region.

The people of Citra

Citra was grown from the root up by 3,000 independent grape farmers starting in 1973. Since then, the cooperative has bloomed and flourished, sharing good wine with the world. Even so, each Citra vine grower maintains the ancient traditions of Italian winery and remains solidly grounded in nature – generation after generation.