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Since 1973, Citra vineyards have been the prime source of authentic, traditionally crafted Italian wines in the picturesque Abruzzo region. The 3,000 small time growers that founded the Citra cooperative have dedicated their lives to carefully cultivating vines and vinifying grapes to develop the distinctly well-rounded flavors of old Abruzzo.

The heart of Italy

Home to the lush hills of our vineyards, the Abruzzo region is a pearl of Italian wildlife, a treasure trove of ancient culture and a wonder of winemaking. From rugged mountain to shimmering sea, the greenest region in Italy is famous for rich comfort cuisine that is a match made in high altitudes for any of the delicious wines made here.

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The Wines of Abruzzo are of ancient decent. Their production techniques a story told from generation to generation – stretching back as far as the Classical Age. The varied climate of Abruzzo’s highlands is ideal for the cultivation of grape vines. This means high yields and high quality. That’s why Citra’s traditionally created wines are known throughout Italy and beyond for their food versatility, agreeable flavor and exceptional value.

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